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Idiots Bad, Vandals Good

vandals.gifOne of my absolute favorite bands, The Vandals, went to Athens, Greece recently to play a concert. Unfortunately a group of idiot protesters managed to shut down the show. The protesters, were apparently anarchists (irony!) upset that The Vandals had recently played a series of shows in Iraq to entertain American troops. It's not the first time the band has had a run in with European poitical activists. Read all about it on Vandals bassist/Kung Fu Records owner/music video director/amateur bull fighter Joe Escalante's tour blog. I won't get into politics too much here. Whether you support the war in Iraq or not, I think we would all agree that the majority of the soldiers fighting it would rather be home. What impresses me so much about the Vandals is that they are willing to risk their own safety, not for a political agenda, but just to entertain these troops. In my opinion, that deserves respect.

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