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James Hugh Potts II, Trial Lawyer


If you live in the Athens, GA or visit there regularly (as I do), then you may be familiar with James Hugh Potts II, trial lawyer. Potts's giant smiling face is featured on a billboard near Vision Video on West Broad Street.

Flagpole called him a "rock-and-roll lawyer", but with his sly grin and long hair, I'd say he mildly resembles a magician.

And while JHPII is no magician, he is, in fact, an "Every Day Warrior." You can be one too! Just head over to jhpii.com and request your FREE "Every Day Warrior" t-shirt. I did, and it's a decision I won't soon regret!

Did I mention it is FREE?!

My t-shirt arrived today, along with a special bonus: autographed packaging from the man himself! Check out my pics below.

JHPII's autograph!James Hugh Potts II, Trial LawyerJames Hugh Potts II, Trial Lawyer

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last time i was in athens (first day of popfest), that billboard had his boyhood picture.
even back then, he had the same creepy grin.

Hey Mack, how long did it take from the time you ordered your shirt to when you received it? I ordered one a while ago and figured I'd never actually get it.

It was a few weeks. According to my old emails, my friend Rupp told me about it on Aug. 3, so i guess that's when I ordered.

Your post inspired me to order one, which arrived a few days ago. In the meantime, some friends of mine who live in the area clued me in on how cool and insane that guy is, and now I wear it proudly.

Thanks for the pointer! Because of you, I may be the only Everyday Warrior in NY.

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