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Picture Me Rollin'

Tupac Peace GardenAfter reading these articles and seeing these pictures, I decided that I had to make a visit to Stone Mountain's Tupac Peace Garden at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts. A pilgrimage, if you will.

The irony of a peace garden dedicated to a violent sex-offender who once shot two police officers, is not lost on me. However, you can't deny that, since his death, Tupac has become a figure of inspiration to many poor, young African Americans (and caucasian Americans, for that matter). Whether or not this is appropriate, I will leave to you to decide. I am not interested in getting into a debate like this one.

Tupac Peace GardenWhen we got to the Center it was, unfortunately, closed. After a couple minutes of debating, my friends and I hopped the fence (I'm sure 'Pac would have been proud). The "garden" is more like a nice little park with benches and everything, wedged between a nightclub and a Piccadilly Cafeteria. The fountain was turned off, and the statue didn't really look like 2pac, but it was pretty cool anyway. Behind the statue and fountain there are six plaques featuring poems and lyrics by 2pac and one with a message from his family and children.

Tupac Peace GardenBy far the most interesting aspects of the memorial are the bricks in the ground around it. Some of them are engraved with names and messages from fans and what I assume are financial donors. Strangely though, while some of the bricks were obviously from living people, others just featured the names of famous dead musicians or people from black history. After a few minutes of quiet reflection, we all headed back over the fence leaving the peace garden as peaceful as we had found it. Check out my flickr set for pictures of the whole hip-hoppin' adventure.

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