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Star Easy & The $.E.GA Boys


Here's an awesome music video (40 MB WMV) I stumbled across over on The Dawgvent. It's Star Easy performing, what I assume is his hottt new sigle, "Georgia."

"Why is this awesome?" you may be asking... Well, for one thing, Star Easy is from Waycross, GA, and the video was filmed there. Waycross is about 8 minutes from my hometown of Blackshear (which gets a shout out near the end of the song). Also, most of the people in the video are decked out in clothes from my alma mater, The University of Georgia.

Star Easy is also a member of The $.E.GA Boys, a rap group that has been around since I was in high school. I am pretty sure that $.E.GA stands for Souteast Georgia, but I could be mistaken. Unfortunately, the world of undergroud Waycross hip-hop is woefully under-represented on google, so we may never truly know.

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Yeah, I saw that video several weeks ago on youtube and I couldn't believe it but they also mention Blackshear and Patterson in the song.

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